Bringing the TEAMWORK back into Dentistry!


Every dental professional has patients they’re not sure how to treat. They may have tried to treat a patient and things went wrong.  These situations cause stress within our practice.  Collaboration with other working professionals is one of the best methods to limit these situations and turn them into productive and practice building cases and TEAMact is the solution to these situations.    




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Benefits of becoming a member


TEAMact is designed to be small and intimate in size (maximum 12 participants) and will consist of general dentists with a few dental specialists (periodontist, oral surgeon, orthodontist, and/or prosthodontist). TEAMact's ultimate goal is to bring team work back to dentistry by utilizing a unique approach. This approach is to have participants bring real live cases to a round table meeting to share, discuss, and collaborate in a way that will improve case acceptance, quality, and predictability of treatment. Each club will meet once per month in a casual atmosphere and dinner will be provided by a local dental representative. The following benefits of TEAMact far outweigh the cost of tuition:

- 8 monthly meetings held through the membership year (September to May)

- 3 monthly state CEU credits (additionally PACE certification approval pending)

- Cooperative discounts with dental manufacturers and dental labs

- Members get to attend one module a year for free and have first access to additional modules for a discounted fee

-Clubs in Boise and Twin Falls

Feedback from current participants has been outstanding. Most participants have stated it is the most valuable study club they have ever attended and if they had to choose one, TEAMact would be their first choice. 

If you would like to participate with us in this unique learning opportunity please complete the registration form (HERE) and include payment of $1,200 which is required to secure membership.


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